Bluzelle 2023 Year in Review!

5 min readJan 2, 2024

Bluzelle 2023 Year in Review — a year of significant progress, innovation, and expansion for Bluzelle, particularly in the realms of SocialFi, GameFi, and Creator Economy.

From technical upgrades to community expansion and engagements, Bluzelle has marked its presence robustly in the crypto space. Let’s replay our 2023 successes:

Ecosystem Update

  • Stargate Upgrade: A cornerstone development of 2023 was the upgrade of Bluzelle to a Layer1 Blockchain in the Cosmos ecosystem — a transformative move bringing enhanced performance, speed, and user experience to Bluzelle. Furthermore, the Stargate V9 upgrade bestowed the Bluzelle ecosystem with enhanced features, IBC connectivity, Osmosis integration, enhanced codebase & more! Read more.
  • Bluzelle Network v10.0: Bluzelle successfully launched its test network v10.0, aligning with its mainnet. This upgrade enhances network efficiency and features like IBC connectivity and Osmosis integration. Read more.
  • Bluzelle on REStake: Bluzelle joined REStake, enabling auto-compounding on staking rewards for $BLZ, and became part of the Cosmos chain registry as a Layer 1 Blockchain. Learn more.
  • ERC20-BLZ Token Bridge Guide Release: Bluzelle released a guide for bridging ERC20-BLZ to L1-BLZ tokens, enhancing security, transfer speed, and IBC support. Read more.
  • $BLZ Pool on Osmosis: Bluzelle’s $BLZ/$USDC pool went live on Osmosis, offering high-yield staking opportunities. Read more.

Bluzelle’s Expansion into Creator Economy

  • Bluzelle Expands into Creator Economy: Bluzelle’s visionary expansion into the creator economy has been a game-changer. On Bluzelle, we are creating an inclusive and equitable platform for creators worldwide to empower content creators with decentralized storage and tools for content and asset monetization and fostering SocialFi. Learn more.
  • Bluzelle Website Upgrade: Bluzelle upgraded its website with new features, UI, and a user-friendly experience, reflecting its technological advancements and solutions for the Creator Economy. Check here.

Launches & Listings

  • Bluzelle Battalion Command Ambassador Program (BCAP) Launch: Bluzelle launched BCAP to boost community growth and adoption, offering rewards and engagement opportunities for enthusiasts passionate about contributing to Bluzelle ecosystem growth. Learn more.
  • Capella Launch: The launch of Capella Website, Bluzelle’s first NFT marketplace, marked a significant step towards integrating NFTs within the Bluzelle ecosystem. Capella is set to open new avenues for digital asset trading and ownership, leveraging Bluzelle’s security and efficiency.
  • KuCoin Listing: Renowned crypto exchange KuCoin listed $BLZ token, allowing its global user base to access $BLZ seamlessly. Learn more.
  • WazirX Listing: Leading Indian centralized exchange listed $BLZ/INR pair, allowing Bluzelle to expand its reach to our Indian community with on-ramp options. Learn more.
  • Binance x Bluzelle Simple Earn Program: Binance & Bluzelle launched a Simple Earn Program, allowing users to earn real-time APR rewards on $BLZ deposits. Learn more.
  • CoinGecko GameFi category: CoinGecko listed Bluzelle in the GameFi category, highlighting its GAMMA 4, the Crypto Sci-Fi epic game. Check here.

GAMMA 4 Updates

GAMMA 4 saw substantial updates this year. The “Spark of War” trailer release was a highlight, generating excitement and anticipation. The game’s evolving universe, featuring new characters, arenas, and NFT cards, showcased Bluzelle’s commitment to providing an immersive gaming experience. Check here:

GAMMA 4 World scenes

Character Encounter

  • Mesvelth Tibalner — “Frenzyborn Castaway”
  • Tenmere Osulin ‘Royal Navigator’
  • Zyx Mineborn “Junker Criminal”
  • Lord of Terror — the ‘Enemy’ in GAMMA 4 unveiled

Features and Media Coverages

2023 witnessed significant media coverage and features for Bluzelle. Interviews with CEO Pavel Bains and various media articles have provided insights into Bluzelle’s vision, developments, and future plans, ensuring transparent communication with the community.

  • News BTC highlighted Bluzelle’s launch of GAMMA 4 Private Beta, a sci-fi RPG in the Cosmos ecosystem. The portal highlighted how the game, developed over 18 months, offers innovative Web3 gaming features like card strategy, character breeding, and NFT integration, immersing players in a universe of strategic battles and character collection. Read the article.
  • U.Today’s interview with Pavel Bains, delving into the evolving landscape of digital assets, Bluzelle’s role in Web3 and GameFi, and solutions for safe digital asset storage. It also discusses the journey towards global interconnectivity in the digital world. Watch the interview. Read the article.
  • Blockonomi discusses Bluzelle’s expansion into the Creator Economy, highlighting how it is set to empower content creators with cutting-edge solutions and ecosystem products tailored specifically to enable safe and decentralized storage of creators’ unique content & assets. Read the article.
  • In the Coinspeaker interview, Pavel Bains discusses the significant impact of blockchain on gaming. Drawing from his extensive experience with major gaming companies, Bains explores the transition from Web2 to Web3 gaming, the future of blockchain gaming, and Bluzelle’s strategic vision. He also delves into blockchain gaming’s potential for mass Web3 adoption and shares advice for early builders in this space. Learn more.
  • Pavel Bains shared his insights with The Wolf Of All Streets, covering the role of GameFi in the Cosmos ecosystem. This interview offers valuable perspectives on these evolving sectors of the gaming industry. Watch the interview.

Technical and Weekly Updates


  • Added a new version of code to the GitHub public repo that resolves issues for new validators to set up the proper state for Bluzelle’s storage services.
  • Relaunched the test network as a v10.0 fork of the existing mainnet, successfully. This is vital as it brings our test network up to parity with our mainnet & the test network is being used for GAMMA 4 testing.
  • Work is progressing on bringing up redundant new Big Dipper and new gateway sentry instances for the mainnet.
  • Added delegation & re-delegation to our Javascript SDK & Curium-CLI.
  • Added new sentry nodes to our mainnet that now enable snapshots. This has been tested.
  • With the addition of snapshots, new nodes can now turn on State Sync. State Sync allows a new node to sync up with our mainnet (now with over 3.5M blocks) in a matter of minutes, vs many days previously. This is a huge achievement that allows new nodes to join quickly.
  • Added & updated README for our public repo to assist in the deployment of new nodes by our community.


  • The next release of GAMMA 4 will be multiplayer — something everyone is asking for. Last Friday, we completed the PoC (testing the server communication times). It was successful!
  • The tasks left to complete are all in the backend and will require no POC:
  • Implement rank system
  • Implement Matchmaking rules (which rank player should be faced with the rank player)
  • Implement security and anti-cheating measures.
  • Implement UI and Screen flows for matchmaking.
  • Test and debugging.

Check out more: Technical update

As Bluzelle continues to evolve, it remains a significant player in empowering Creator Economy and GameFi. The journey so far has been remarkable, and the future looks even more promising for Bluzelle and its community.

About Bluzelle

Bluzelle, the Layer 1 for Creator Economy, is revolutionizing the internet of creators by offering them complete control over their content — providing cutting-edge solutions to store, sell, and safeguard content. Building an inclusive ecosystem for users to create, connect, and collaborate seamlessly, fostering innovation and independence free from the centralized platform’s constraints. This shift sparks innovation in the realm of A.I. SocialFi, GameFi, and more.

As a creator, on Bluzelle you drive your economy on your terms supported by a robust suite of products by Bluzelle — R2, the decentralized storage layer, Capella, an NFT Marketplace, GAMMA 4, a crypto sci-fi epic game, & more. Embrace the future of social creation and social interaction with Bluzelle.