Bluzelle Recent Updates Wrap up. GAMMA 4 Private Beta is LIVE: Secure a Slot Now!

3 min readAug 14, 2023

Recollecting our major successes, we’re thrilled to present all our recent milestones shaping up the future of GameFi on Bluzelle.

From the much anticipated GAMMA 4 Private Beta launch to a plethora of other major accomplishments, get a glimpse of the new chapters in Bluzelle’s journey.

1. The Crypto Sci-Fi Epic, GAMMA 4 Private Beta Launch

The GAMMA 4 Private Beta Launch was streamed live on 19.07.2023 with great community participation from the community unveiling an in-depth look of its cosmic combats and inter-galactic odysseys. Check out the live stream now.

2. 🎮 Become a #GAMMA4 Private Beta Tester: A Walkthrough by our CEO, Pavel Bains!

For those seeking clarity, a detailed video by CEO, Pavel Bains explaining the path to becoming a GAMMA 4 Private Beta Tester in a video tutorial, complete with insights, guidelines, and exciting prospects.

3. Revolutionizing Web3 Gaming Landscape

Bluzelle isn’t just following trends; it’s setting them. Through an enlightening video, the world witnessed how Bluzelle is driving a paradigm shift in Web3 gaming. With its emphasis on GAMMA 4’s grandeur, unique NFTs, and trailblazing technological feats, it’s clear that Bluzelle is shaping the future.

4. Q2 2023 Wrapped: Celebrating Milestones

Bluzelle paused to reflect upon its Q2 triumphs, from the monumental Stargate V9 upgrade to the evolution of GAMMA 4 and Capella’s growth. Each achievement echoed Bluzelle’s unwavering dedication. Catch up on all the highlights of Q2 2023 here.

5. Enigmatic Characters Come to Life: Introducing Onno Ishimura & Mesvelth Tibalner

  • Onno Ishimura: Not just a “Soother Archivist”, she has evolved into a mutant warrior scribe, chronicling interstellar adventures like none before.
  • Mesvelth Tibalner: The mysterious “Frenzyborn Castaway” adds depth to GAMMA 4’s narrative. With a dark past woven with betrayal, legacy, and unique powers, she infuses the game with captivating tales waiting to be explored.

6. In Dialogue with the Visionary: Bluzelle AMA

The Bluzelle and Crypto VIP Signal Telegram Voice AMA was not just a session but an enlightening experience, as CEO Pavel Bains unfolded the vision and roadmap for Bluzelle, L1 blockchain, Capella, and more. Learn about the AMA here.

Bluzelle is taking a major stride towards a new era in GameFi. With characters coming to life, unparalleled gaming experiences, and a community stronger than ever, Bluzelle reaffirms its supremacy. The universe of August awaits, and so do countless adventures!

Become a #GAMMA4 Private Beta Tester now. Complete the Quests on Zealy and secure a slot now:

About Bluzelle

Bluzelle is an advanced L1 blockchain with 10K TPS, set to transform the Web3 gaming landscape with high-quality games. Upgraded to the latest Stargate V9, Bluzelle is bringing GameFi on Cosmos with codebase enhancements, IBC compatibility, Osmosis integration, fast & affordable cross-chain transfers, and more.

Bluzelle R2, a decentralized storage layer, uses a multi-node backup mechanism to ensure enhanced security of users’ assets in the Bluzelle ecosystem on GAMMA 4 and Capella, the first NFT Marketplace on Bluzelle.

Keep an eye out on Bluzelle’s official social channels to learn more.

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