Bluzelle Q2 2023 Recap!

5 min readJul 20, 2023

Transitioned into a robust Layer 1 blockchain: Bringing GameFi on Cosmos. Pushing Boundaries Towards the MVP!

The past quarter has been jam-packed with GAMMA 4 and Capella development & feats, art, designs, Bluzelle Stargate V9 upgrade as the Layer 1 blockchain for GameFi on Cosmos, Osmosis integration, IBC compatibility and more.

We’re thrilled to take you through the progress, updates, and milestones we achieved this quarter together with you.

Bluzelle Takes a Leap Forward with Stargate V9 Upgrade

Bluzelle Upgraded to V9 on the latest Stargate Version, unlocking a range of enhanced features like IBC connectivity, Osmosis integration, fast & secure cross-chain transfers, making DeFi super accessible and affordable on Cosmos and beyond.

Steller Strides: Take a dive into the world of GAMMA 4

As we continue to enhance the art and design of GAMMA 4, our team completed various designs of the game background, characters, battle fields and more. You can take a look at them here and pick your favorite.

Capella Development and Expansion!

Gearing up to revolutionize Web3 gaming and unlock an ocean of possibilities in the Cosmos ecosystem, our team took remarkable steps towards Capella NFT Marketplace development. Educating our community about the Marketplace, we shared an in-depth development report with the community.

Check it out here!

Capella was also featured by Cryptoknowmics, with major focus on its potential to transform the GameFi experience within the Cosmos ecosystem.

Take a Leap to the New Era of GameFi with Bluzelle’s New Website.

To make your experience more immersive and informative, Bluzelle released its brand new website with redesigned interface, products, and more that align with our core values, and more. Take a look here.

Bluzelle Platform Enhancements

Added HD-path to the CLI tool and introduced dynamic-uri for NFT objects with dynamic properties. Improved Big Dipper to display NFT and storage operations for the upcoming fork. We also enabled both fork from Genesis and fork from the existing network processes. The integration with Prometheus will provide robust monitoring of blockchain nodes and virtual machines for improved network performance and reliability.

Bridge $BLZ Through Chains Seamlessly

We released a detailed guide to help you convert your ERC20-BLZ tokens to L1-BLZ tokens and back, using your Ethereum and Cosmos wallets. You can read the complete step-by-step guide here.

New BLZ Pool on Osmosis: June began with the introduction of the new BLZ Pool on Osmosis. Stake $BLZ in the BLZ/USDC pool Learn more.

Community Call with Our CEO, Pavel Bains: We kicked off April with a community call hosted by our CEO, Pavel Bains, where we discussed the latest updates on Capella, GAMMA 4 progress, and more. You can find more details about the community call here.

Bluzelle Technical Updates

In Q2, Bluzelle implemented various enhancements including incentive gauges to the Osmosis USDC/BLZ pool, Grafana and Prometheus integration for system monitoring, and more.

Here’s a Complete Rundown of all the Technical Achievements at Bluzelle:

  • Added 30 and then 60 day incentive gauges to Osmosis USDC/BLZ pool that pays 120% APR currently.
  • Corrected daily rewards program that was missing some accounts to airdrop rewards to
  • Added Grafana and Prometheus support to our chain. We now have comprehensive and beautiful chain and system dashboards for monitoring purposes.
  • Added support to the curiumd CLI command to allow pin to our storage service.
  • Added support for upgrade and other governance proposals. This allows us to skip the need to do forks and use Cosmosvisor to make upgrades possible
  • NFT’s can now be queried to get the last collection id by both the CLI and SDK
  • Curiumd CLI’s help text is fixed across the board so that erroneous text is fixed and missing help text is added.
  • Added node exporter to all our nodes so that Grafana can monitor
  • Added support for Prometheus port to all our curiumd nodes
  • Locked down firewalls on our curiumd nodes to only allow our authorized explorers and Grafana
  • Added support for upgrade to the SDK
  • Added support for governance to the SDK
  • Added support for fee grant to the SDK
  • Added support for authz to the SDK
  • Fixed unsafe-reset-all so that it cleans up the storage IPFS folder properly

Here’s a Complete Rundown of GAMMA 4 Technical Updates:

  • Web3 Login
  • Mandatory FTUE & NFT rewards
  • Inventory Screen
  • Multiple Hit chain events
  • Player & Progress from the BE
  • Game Analytics integration
  • Character’s stats tuning & balancing
  • Enemies bosses VFX
  • Bug Fixes / Polishes

All things Bluzelle Ft Pavel Bains

  • Pavel revealed the much-anticipated GAMMA 4 NFT cards. You can watch the detailed video walkthrough here.
  • Walkthrough of GAMMA 4 and Preview of Capella with an immersive look at GAMMA 4 and a sneak peek into Capella, Bluzelle’s first NFT marketplace. Learn more about it here.
  • Twitter Spaces with Crypto Miners
  • The Wolf Of All Streets Interview with Pavel Bains

Looking back at Q2, it’s clear that Bluzelle has grown significantly. We are tremendously grateful to our community for their unwavering support and participation in our journey.

What’s next in Q3 2023

  • GAMMA 4 Private beta
  • Whitelisted community members will get an exclusive chance to participate and test the game.
  • GAMMA 4 Discord Channel has been revamped. Check it out and join us now:

As we move into Q3, a lot more updates are lined up to keep the fun up & flowing in the community.

Bluzelle is now on Binance Feed. Follow us here. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue on this journey together.

About Bluzelle

Bluzelle is a blockchain for GameFi with its ability to produce high-quality games, protect players NFTs, and leverage DeFi yields with its 10,000 TPS Cosmos-Based Blockchain. Bluzelle aims to be the go-to data layer for Web 3.0 by providing a tamper-proof decentralized data network with greater privacy, scalability, and availability than traditional solutions.

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