Bluzelle October 2023 Recap: Charting New Horizons in the Creator Economy

3 min readNov 7, 2023

This month, Bluzelle heralded a pivotal shift to strengthening the burgeoning Creator Economy with its Layer 1 blockchain. Our October 2023 Recap is a testament to a legacy of innovation we’re crafting with meticulous care to empower users, creators, gamers, and fans alike.

Let’s rewind the highlights of this vibrant month before we unveil what’s in store for November.

Bluzelle: The Blockchain for the Creator Economy

October witnessed the launch of the Battalion Command Ambassador Program (BCAP) — an initiative to support members ready to be the vanguard of our community’s exponential growth. This initiative is not just about engagement; it’s a rallying point for adoption, community empowerment, exciting rewards, and more. Following the first briefing call where Bluzelle’s mission to empower creators was defined, our Battalion set forth, pursuing their responsibility towards the same target. Check out more about the program here.

GAMMA 4 Private Beta Testing in Full Swing

The private beta testing of GAMMA 4 surged ahead, with our dedicated testers delving into the strategic gameplay. The virtual battlegrounds were alive with the clash of ambition and skill, each player aiming for power and dominance — and they didn’t disappoint. The breeding system revealed itself as a cornerstone of strategic advancement, allowing players to spawn characters that carry the mark of their ingenuity. Moreover, In GAMMA 4, battles are not just exciting but rewarding, too. Fight, conquer & win unique First Time user Experience or FTUE NFTs as rewards — gain the true essence of power. Witness the strategic saga unfold here.

Community Campaign: The Revival of Darian

October also set the stage for our GAMMA 4 community to embark on a mission steeped in mystery and intrigue — the revival of Darian from Mutation to Humanity. This Halloween-themed quest had participants piecing together clues, solving missions, and unearthing mysteries through the Sci-Fi epic of GAMMA 4. Their dedication breathed life back into Darian and, in doing so, showcased the undying spirit and unity of our community.

As we bid farewell to a month replete with milestones and memories, we set our sights on the horizon — November beckons with the promise of continued innovation and community-driven triumphs as Bluzelle empowers creators as the blockchain for Creator Economy. Onward, we march to a future fashioned by creativity, powered by Bluzelle.

Watch this space for more news and updates!

About Bluzelle

Bluzelle, the Layer 1 for Creator Economy, is revolutionizing the internet of creators by offering them complete control over their content — providing cutting-edge solutions to store, sell, and safeguard content. Building an inclusive ecosystem for users to create, connect, and collaborate seamlessly, fostering innovation and independence free from the centralized platform’s constraints. This shift sparks innovation in the realm of A.I. SocialFi, GameFi, and more.

As a creator, on Bluzelle you drive your economy on your terms supported by a robust suite of products by Bluzelle — R2, the decentralized storage layer, Capella, an NFT Marketplace, GAMMA 4, a crypto sci-fi epic game, & more. Embrace the future of social creation and social interaction with Bluzelle.