Bluzelle August 2023 Recap!

4 min readSep 4, 2023

From GAMMA 4 Private Beta to Bluzelle $BLZ on Binance Simple Earn Program, August stood out as a monumental month for the Bluzelle community.

With a mix of technical revelations, gameplay discussions, and growing anticipation, the Bluzelle community have witnessed a harmonious blend of great enthusiasm and information.

Here’s the comprehensive rundown.

Bluzelle Updates

  • Wallet Creation Guide: Navigating the Bluzelle ecosystem became even more user-friendly this month. With a newly introduced guide on how to create Bluzelle Keplr Wallet has been streamlined, ensuring a hassle-free experience for newcomers eager to explore Bluzelle.
  • $BLZ on Binance’s Simple Earn Program: The Program provides users with an unparalleled opportunity to Deposit $BLZ, subscribe to the Simple Earn Program, and Earn Real-time Rewards. Read the step-by-step guide to learn more.
  • $BLZ/$USDC Pool on Osmosis: $BLZ/$USDC Osmosis pool is still live. As Osmosis continues to gain traction as a primary decentralized exchange, this update positions $BLZ favorably for continued growth and utilization.
  • Bluzelle Chain Technical Updates: Governance Proposals can now be tested, voted upon, and either passed or failed, setting the stage for significant software upgrades. Software Upgrades without Hard Forks– The testing phase is underway for a code that will enable governance proposals to directly trigger a software upgrade, eliminating the cumbersome need for hard forks.

GAMMA 4 Updates

  • Character Encounters: The Bluzelle community was introduced to two standout characters this August — Tenmere Osulin, dubbed the ‘Royal Navigator’ and Zyx Mineborn, known as the ‘Junker Criminal’.
  • GAMMA 4’s Growing Presence: August was a significant month for GAMMA 4, earning limelight from various media houses, one such was the feature on News BTC. The article spotlights the game’s Private Beta launch and gives readers a sneak peek into its captivating chapters. With this media exposure, anticipation for the game’s full release is now higher than ever.
  • Technical Odyssey: A deeper understanding of GAMMA 4 was made possible through technical insights from our CEO, Pavel Bains. Of particular interest was the unique ‘Breeding system’, which promises to be a game-changer, enhancing both gameplay depth and character evolution.
  • GAMMA 4 Technical Updates: GAMMA 4’s design and VFX has gone through significant enhancements alongside comprehensive testing to weed out glitches, while the new Player Vs Player (PVP) architecture elevates competition. Grab all these key details here.


  • Support for Semi-Fungible Tokens (SFTs): Taking a significant leap, the marketplace has evolved to fully support SFTs. These will now be showcased with “Owned” & “Supply” properties on their cards.
  • Enhanced Attributes Filtering: Dive deeper and find your desired NFTs with ease. Users can now filter NFTs on their respective collection pages based on their attributes, be it dynamic or static.

An Insightful Discussion with Starloop & CEO Pavel Bains

We embarked on a captivating journey alongside the Starloop team and CEO Pavel Bains. This exploration unveiled mesmerizing gameplay elements, from the game’s charismatic characters to intricate tutorials and thrilling battle dynamics. This comprehensive look back offers insights into a world where strategy, gameplay, and digital assets are seamlessly intertwined. Here are the topics and with their respective videos covered:

Watch the videos above and delve deep into the GAMMA 4 and Bluzelle ecosystem as these videos provide a captivating exploration of both.

In wrapping up, it’s clear that August was not just another month on the calendar for the Bluzelle community. It was a testament to the passion, innovation, and relentless pursuit of excellence that defines the Bluzelle ethos. As we venture forward, with the memories of this month fueling our excitement, we’re prepared to continue this journey of discovery, innovation, and gaming progress. Stay tuned for more exciting updates in the months to come!

About Bluzelle

Bluzelle is an advanced L1 blockchain with 10K TPS, set to transform the Web3 gaming landscape with high-quality games. Upgraded to the latest Stargate V9, Bluzelle is bringing GameFi on Cosmos with codebase enhancements, IBC compatibility, Osmosis integration, fast & affordable cross-chain transfers, and more.

Bluzelle R2, a decentralized storage layer, uses a multi-node backup mechanism to ensure enhanced security of users’ assets in the Bluzelle ecosystem on GAMMA 4 and Capella, the first NFT Marketplace on Bluzelle.

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