Bluzelle April 2023 Recap: Capella Updates, Platform Upgradation, and GAMMA 4 Progress

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Bluzelle has had a busy and productive April with a range of exciting updates to its platform, the launch of its first NFT Marketplace, Capella, as well as significant progress in the development of its play-to-earn (P2E) game, GAMMA 4.

In this article, we will explore these updates, focusing on the enhancements to the Bluzelle platform and the design, art, and visual effects (VFX), tech advancements made in GAMMA 4, and more.

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Bluzelle Ecosystem Updates:

Community Call with Our CEO, Pavel Bains: On April 13, Bluzelle conducted a community call hosted by Pavel to discuss the latest updates on Capella, Q1 highlights, and GAMMA 4 progress. It was a successful event attended by a large footfall of community members who were eager to learn about Bluzelle’s ecosystem update. Find more details about the community call here.

Bluzelle x Crypto Miners Twitter Spaces: Pavel shared insights on Capella, the first NFT Marketplace on Bluzelle, how it will enhance GameFi on Cosmos, GAMMA 4, and a lot more. Listen to the Spaces recap here.

Pavel Bains x The Wolf Of All Streets Interview: This month, Pavel was interviewed by The Wolf Of All Streets, and the discussion revolved around all things Bluzelle with some key focus on the difference between Web2 & Web3 gaming, GameFi on Cosmos and future of GameFi & more. A quite interesting discussion you don’t want to miss. So, watch the interview now.

Capella Media Feature: Cryptoknowmics recently showcased Capella in an article, emphasizing its potential to transform the GameFi experience within the Cosmos ecosystem. The article delves into Capella’s groundbreaking approach to enriching GameFi experiences on Cosmos through the implementation of IBC-enabled features. Read more about this here.

Bluzelle Platform Enhancements: Bluzelle added the HD-path to its CLI tool, enabling various derivation paths. The platform also introduced dynamic-uri for NFT objects with dynamic properties and improved Big Dipper to display NFT and storage operations for the upcoming fork.

To the Stargate 0.45.11 Fork: Bluzelle reset its testnet to utilize the most recent code, successfully passing NFT tests. The team diligently prepared for the pending fork to Stargate 0.45.11 while resolving a marketplace-related issue. Additionally, they have addressed a problem with non-deterministic validator deployment, ensuring smoother network operations.

Enhancements in Monitoring and Fork Processes: Bluzelle successfully enabled both fork from Genesis and fork from existing network processes. The team also tested Grafana for the testnet, with plans to implement it after the mainnet fork. This integration with Prometheus will provide robust monitoring of blockchain nodes and virtual machines, ensuring improved network performance and reliability.

Capella Updates:

Attributes Filtering: The marketplace has undergone a significant upgrade, introducing attributes filtering for NFT collections, full support for SFTs, and improved collection descriptions. Users can now conveniently filter NFTs on their respective collection pages based on both dynamic and static attributes, allowing for more efficient browsing.

SFT Support: Additionally, the marketplace has been expanded to fully accommodate SFTs, which will be marked with “Owned” and “Supply” properties on their cards. Attributes are also displayed on individual NFT pages for easy viewing.

Improved Collection Description: Finally, collection descriptions have been enhanced to support links and new line characters, enabling collection owners to create well-formatted descriptions and add links to their social media profiles, such as Twitter and Discord.

Catch more Capella updates here.

GAMMA 4 Updates:


The design team has made significant strides in updating various aspects of the game, such as level progression for feature unlocking, game balancing, and the First Time User Experience (FTUE) Roadmap. Key enhancements include an updated turn bar and initiative calculation, refined enemy behavior tree and documentation, and character shading for four species in GAMMA 4. The VFX list has been updated, and character descriptions for the NFT marketplace have been developed. Check it out here.

Additional improvements include the integration of a breeding system in the FTUE, the development of a narrative for the enemy faction, defining the enemy faction’s role in the story, and incorporating dialogues and character balance improvements in the FTUE. These updates ensure an immersive and engaging experience for players as they navigate the game world.

Art and Visual Effects (VFX):

In April, the GAMMA 4 team made significant progress in art and VFX, focusing on animation concepts, Moshz character illustrations, and UI transitions and interactions. They worked on skill revisions for Melissa and Zyx, Revive Animation, Droid Repair Maintenance VFX, and Lenitos VFX. They also improved UI elements and advanced Droid Demoman — Thermite shot and Droid Assault VFX reference.

Additional accomplishments included completing the Lupy character, refining UI and character animations, and implementing Droid Repair Skills. They adjusted the Breeding screen, reordered Home Scene Characters, and carried out revisions for Darian, Namrita, and Ethan. The team worked on enemy VFX, camera focus profiles, and parallax scaling for foregrounds.


The tech team has made significant updates to GAMMA 4, enhancing gameplay and user experience. Key improvements include camera profiles, Namrita VFX integration, and a refined card system for better game balancing. Additional updates encompass mana and card fixes, auto card generator, backend game balancing, and NFT validation.

User interface updates feature new designs for breeding, battle, formation, results, and inventory screens. Debug System for Initiative Progression, PvP battle initiation, and API improvements enhance overall functionality. Finally, metadata API and NFT metadata updates for skin color improve marketplace integration. These updates contribute to a more engaging and seamless gaming experience.

Other developments include:

  • Formation Screen UI, debugging, IPFS library shift, resetting the backend following the testnet reset, and creating test NFTs.
  • Further improvements have been made to the character atlas generator, Namrita VFX, revive functionality and bug fixing.
  • Move the breeding functionality server-side, Formation UI, importing backgrounds and creating an admin API to get the latest game balancing.

In conclusion, Bluzelle has made significant progress in April in terms of platform updates, Capella’s progress, and the development of GAMMA 4. With a busy month of enhancements and improvements, Bluzelle demonstrated its commitment to delivering a robust and feature-rich platform for the blockchain ecosystem, as well as a captivating and engaging P2E gaming experience. As we move forward, we eagerly anticipate the upcoming developments and milestones that Bluzelle and GAMMA 4 have to offer.

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