The month of July helped to bring our ecosystem one step closer to the mission that the entire Bluzelle team is pursuing with promising partnerships, advanced technical developments and various other platform features. All of these accomplishments and the launch of Q3 paved the way for all of the great updates that will follow over the next few weeks.

BLZ Curium Wallet Extension

BLZ Curium is our wallet extension for Google Chrome, Brave and Firefox. Its designed to provide a Metamask-like experience for BLZ users. This will be used in staking, Call of Data and other use cases as they arise. …

With our current hackathon with Gitcoin we came up with a new, exciting use case for Bluzelle, web hosting services. For those unfamiliar with it, when you launch a website, it needs to be hosted somewhere. Some choose solutions like GoDaddy. The problem is these are centralized and run the risk of getting shut down.

Now we’ve made web hosting available on Bluzelle’s testnet. Developers have the ability to host their websites in a completely decentralized manner. They get a URL that can never be shut down.

In addition, each of our nodes becomes a web server. …

Bluzelle is driving major adoption in the space by laying the foundation for a strong future decentralized internet. One of the building blocks is to garner support from top-end developers to level up the development game.

As a lead sponsor of the hackathon, Gitcoin Grants Round 10, we are rewarding up to $50K to developers who build on Bluzelle driving increased utility and adoption. Spurring developer activity will chalk out new avenues for Bluzelle — aligning its vision to be the backbone of the creator economy.

There are eight bounties from Bluzelle, including:

  • a Polkadot Pallet,
  • EVM Bridge to Bluzelle

When we launched Bluzelle 2.0 two weeks ago, we stated our main objective is to increase utility on the network. One method is to build up developer activity so they create applications that use Bluzelle and the velocity of BLZ. To get this method going, Bluzelle has partnered with the best platform for engaging developers, Gitcoin.

Gitcoin’s mission is:

To build and fund digital public goods we empower communities of builders to connect and work together to create the future of the open web.

Originally a spoke of Consensys, Gitcoin spun out to be its own entity and operate independently…

Bluzelle is now More Than a Database.


Defi, NFTs, and media censorship has kicked off the megatrend of the creator economy. After three years of development and customer demand, Bluzelle has evolved to be more than a database. This is Bluzelle 2.0.

  • We have undergone a new brand design to reflect the nature that everything old is new, just a remix of the past.
  • File storage is now a core module for Bluzelle as it was in demand and we can do it better than others.
  • With file storage, Bluzelle will be the home for NFTs. Right now your…

Bluzelle integrates with WasabiX to reinforce Data Reliability, Accessibility and Accuracy for Mainstream Adoption

Bluzelle is extremely delighted to announce its upcoming partnership with WasabiX, a cross-chain yield backed synthetic asset and AMM DEX platform. This partnership will be instrumental in driving DeFi security and reliability striving towards a future decentralized internet.

Bluzelle, also popularly known as the AirBNB of Databases, is revolutionizing the DeFi & Web3 space through decentralized data networks providing greater security, scalability and privacy in the modern financial landscape. …

Welcoming Shield Finance to Bluzelle’s ecosystem to provide range of smart contract insurance solutions for strategic level DeFi security

We are pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Shield Finance to accelerate DeFi adoption and create a one-stop shop experience for DeFi users. Decentralized Insurance is one of the crucial aspects in the ever-changing DeFi landscape. As the nascent DeFi industry transitions to maturity, employing safe and secure insurance solutions is of utmost important to avoid unexpected risks.

Shield Finance is a multi-chain DeFi insurance aggregator solution that enables users to smart contract covers from underlying insurance players.

The month of April has contributed towards taking our platform a step closer to our mission with promising partnerships, engaging AMAs, and various other developments. All these accomplishments have paved the way for all that is coming in the month of May. So before we start executing our May plans and events, let’s take you through all that took place this month at Bluzelle.

Have a quick snippet of each event and achievement:

Partnership developments and Integrations

Division Network: This collaboration with Division Network, a leading VR-based NFT player redefining the VR space using smart concepts, will allow both platforms to explore unique ways…

With the Mainnet released in February 2021, the major move right now is to Stargate in June 2021, the latest version of Cosmos. Stargate comes with salient attributes like Inter Blockchain Communication Protocol (IBC) that will allow Bluzelle to move forward at a much more accelerated pace. This means any blockchain running on Cosmos can instantly use Bluzelle for storage.

For the DB, the overlying goals are strengthening the security framework, fixing of bugs, and maintenance. Our next steps involve forking the mainnet 2.0 to our next Stargate mainnet (mainnet 3.0). This will be a major improvement with the oracle…

Bluzelle joins forces with Genesis Shards to integrate decentralized data storage solution and data oracles

As we find new NFT use cases, Bluzelle is synergizing with Genesis Shards, a decentralized Pre-IDO NFT marketplace powered by Polkadot. This partnership will redefine the NFT space by driving increased utility with decentralized data storage solutions and reliable oracle services.

Genesis Shards is a new marketplace for pre-IDO tokens on NFTs in the Polkadot ecosystem. It aims to address issues relating to the illiquidity of NFT tokens, thus rejuvenating cross chain liquidity to drive massive adoption. …


Bluzelle is a decentralized data network for dapps to manage data in a secure, tamper-proof, and highly scalable manner.

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